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Warning: this is another confusing one. Just go slow. Reread if you have to. Go back and look at other posts. I really try very hard not to repeat my self. Not so good at it many times. But I do try.

On November 23, 2010 I was struck by a drunk driver. Lucky that none of my kids where in the vehicle with me at the time. I suffered life threatening and altering injuries.

It was much earlier that year that Mel Stern. Used Jennifer Stern’s Special Needs Trust to make a real estate purchase. The transfer date reads January 19, 2010.

The courts had granted Mel guardianship of Jennifer Stern’s person and property as far back as 2001. If not further. With the trust that Mel would make the right decisions in regard to Jennifer.

In the late 2000’s, Mel made the choice to no longer allow me to have any contact with Jennifer. I, who have shared a room with her since she was born. Watched as many of her therapy sessions as I could. So I could continue the therapy in the therapists absence. And I did this in my teens.

Mel’s choice to replace me with.

Mel’s choice to replace me with

So Mel feels Jennifer is safer with an individual that has multiple peace orders taken out on them. Then me, that Mel has known my entire life. And Jennifer and I have always been safe together.

In 2018 my family got a 45 day vacate notice for our rental property.

45 day vacate notice

Now, in 2021, still in the midst of a pandemic. Without us having received any of our vaccine yet. While Mel, happily resides in the $1.5 million Glenelg Farm Mansion with his permanent house quest. My family, once again, received a 30 day vacate notice for our rental property.

30 day vacate notice

As to date we haven’t found anything. As covid did a number on our credit. Which wasn’t great to begin with. So its looking more and more likely that come March 31. Me and my family will be homeless. During a pandemic. While Mel sits in his $1.5 million Farm House that he stole from Jennifer.

Check the dates!!!! Check the date of Laura O’Keefe divorce from Eric O’Keefe. It will all fall into place!!!!

Check out “Cheri Farinholt” on Flipboard

Cheri Farinholt

The Misuse, Misdocumentation and Misrepresentation of a Special Needs Trust by the Trustee

I was told that the Special Needs Trust was originally setup with a balance. That with, just an interest rate equal to that of a standard savings account. The balance should have been a multimillion $ one by the late 80’s, early 90’s, easy.

Especially since most if not all of Jennifer’s financial needs were being met by Social Security.

Well, the total balance of the Special Needs Trust was not even close to what it should be. Very large amounts of $ have always been missing. And when Mel was questioned. Mel always had an answer. Well, I have an idea where some of those, large amounts of $ might have gone. Take a look for yourself. And see if you come to the same conclusion.

One thing is certain. The large withdrawal/transfer amounts. And mortgages are not for the benefit of Jennifer. And that is what the Special Needs Trust is for. Not, for the benefit of Mel Stern and any permanent house guest and kids.

In 1985 Mel started getting requests for Notices of Sale from lenders.

Research would find, Mel receiving a signed letter of Release of the Deed/Mortgage. When all monies that were owed at the time were paid in full.

And then Mel, research found, approval for an equity line mortgage on the real estate.

Unfortunately, research also turned up other dates. That Notices of Sale letters were mailed to Mel from lenders.

Research showed how Mel, over and over again. Got himself out of some very tight financial spots.

Mel became very delinquent on a real estate transaction some old friends had entrusted to do with Mel acting in a Trustee/Custodian role for Jennifer Stern.

That was made current when Mel received a court letter Requesting Notice of Sale in mail.

The mortgage that Mel and my Mom had originally taken out on the Highland,MD house in ’77.  Mel paid off in ’94 and received a signed letter of satisfaction from the lender.

And then took a Deed of Trust out on property.

Mel Stern, was appointed by a court to be legal guardian of person and property of Jennifer Stern. Mel had shown the court that ultimately Mel was the only one who knew what was best for Jennifer. The court had now granted Mel the right to act  on Jennifer’s behalf to ensure  she had any all needs met for. Legal purposes and safety, health and living. Basically, to put it in layman’s terms. The court said Mel was to be in a “father figure” role for the rest of Jennifer’s life.

Know I could be wrong. But it would appear to me that Mel took this appointment to mean something a little bit more controlling than that. Anyway.

As Jennifer’s court appointed guardian and appointed representative payee by Social Security. Mel was the only one who had any access to any of Jennifer’s finances.

6/6/06 Demand from Property Manager for payment of Rent

7/7/06 Demand from Property Manager for Rent due

8/6/06 Demand from Property Manager for Rent due

11/02/06 Court Summons failure to pay rent April 06-October 06

Mel insisted on handling all of Jennifer’s finances this way. When monthly bills of Jennifer’s were not being paid. And accounts of Jennifer’s were 30 days and up, delinquent. Questions started being directed to Mel. Mel would either deny or deflect.

Late fee amount due
Late fee amount due

But in 2010, acting as Trustee. Mel purchased a 16+ acre farm in Glenelg, MD for $1.05m. Mel moved into main house. Accompanied by Mel’s permanent house guest, Laura.

Mel had a separate house built for Jennifer. That took well over a year, if not, much longer, to complete. And finally have Jennifer move onto the premises as well. The whole time Mel, Laura, and all Laura’s kids are acting as if it is their home. When in reality, the farm in Glenelg, MD is the Special Needs Trust’s. Making Jennifer the owner. Jennifer Stern is the person who should be residing in the main house. That is how I understand the Federal Law that discusses this very issue, to read.

Meanwhile, the home in Highland, MD. Mel kept that home, cleaned it out, and rented it out. But, is telling the state of MD. that. The home in Glenelg, MD is not a permanent residence and the home in Highland, MD is. This information is all public record and can all be checked out simply by going to and looking up real property search.

Overall, the Special Needs Trust seems to be providing more total $ directly to Mel. Providing him a luxurious lifestyle, vacations, and more. While providing Jennifer with as few of the basics as possible.

Mel has been offered help many times. And has turned it down. I tried to push him many years ago to get a third party. With no emotional ties. To handle the Special Needs Trust. So Jennifer could go on vacations and such. Nothing ever came of it.

All I’ve ever known is to fight for what is right when it comes to Jennifer. It might come in spurts. Between, raising 4 kids of my own and then my own head injury accident. I do what I can, when I can. But my passion for my sister has never faded. I love Jennifer and miss Jennifer everyday.

Why have I waited until now to share all of this. Well I haven’t. I have been trying to get someone’s attention since I was a teenager.

I’m not a teenager anymore. Jennifer Stern is my sister, and up until 2008. If Jennifer and I weren’t living together. We saw each other multiple times a day. Before and after her accident we were best friends.

Since 2008, Mel has not let me have any contact with her. Physical or otherwise.

I am Mel Stern’s 3rd child. And while he has enjoyed a luxurious life. From money Mel continues, to this day, to steal from his adult kids.

I, yet again. Through no fault of my own. During a pandemic. Am facing eviction within a matter of weeks. We have always paid our rent. And made it very clear when we moved in. We needed some time. But wanted to buy this house. Well a few weeks ago. Owners came to us. They had decided this past summer to sell. But waited until a couple weeks ago to tell us. And now they say, they can’t afford to sell to first time homebuyers. So, their sorry, but we have to be out by 3/31.

So, by 3/31, if my husband and I don’t find something. Did I mention we have 2 lg. dogs. And that my husband is a self-employed home improvement contractor with a lot of equipment.

Then, Dr. Mel Stern’s 3rd child, that’s also 100% disabled with a brain injury will be homeless. During a pandemic.

I never would have thought. Growing up, helping others as much as I have. That my life would ever turn out like this.

I don’t regret helping one person ever. Especially, Jennifer!!!! Who I will go to my grave fighting for!!!! It doesn’t matter if Mel keeps us apart for the rest of our lives. I will continue to fight for Jennifer either way!!!!

When Jennifer was still in a coma. I begged Mel not to turn the machines off. I had just buried my Mom. I couldn’t bury my sister. I would help. And help I always have. To this very day. This is how I’m helping Jennifer. By hopefully getting this out enough. Someone will see it. And finally come help us. I’ve always been Jennifer protector. I haven’t been able to protect Jennifer since 2008.

And without proper living arrangements for myself and my family. I’m, once again, not going to be very useful to Jennifer. And she needs it!!!!

Yet, Another Anniversary.

There is a reason I post as many hard documents as possible. They are hard to be denied. Melvin Stern has called me a lier to my face. More times than I can count in my lifetime. That being said, I know what I am opening myself up to by posting this. But I must!!!! I’m sure most if not all Mel Stern will deny all together. Claim to not recall, or have an explanation for. In any event. Here I go….

Many years have past since Jennifer’s accident. The last 12 or so have been especially hard on me. Even after Mel Stern was instructed by a Howard County Judge to ensure Jennifer Stern’s family ties where not interrupted. Melvin Stern has not allowed me to see or speak to Jennifer for the last 12 or so years. Before that I was an integral part of Jennifer’s day to day life. As can be seen by looking at multiple documents. Jennifer and I have been close since the day she was born. Just one month before her accident. Our mother had died. I know some of this I am repeating. But it is just to show how much Jennifer and I depended on one another for support.

My grandparents had always said “always be there for family” So even though I had only been 12 years old at the time of my mothers death and Jennifer’s accident. I tried very hard not to make trouble for Melvin Stern. While he was grieving the death of his wife. And for 5 almost 6 months, watching Jennifer lie in a coma. Wondering if Jennifer was going to finally awaken from the coma or not.

When Melvin Stern finally came home. I went back home. And then awhile later Jennifer Stern came home. But, nothing was the same. There where physical therapists scheduled to work with Jennifer. Mel would rush in. Talk with the therapists and then rush back down the hall into the Doctors office. I had made it my mission to learn as much as I could to help Jennifer when they weren’t there. By the time I got to high school. Mel Stern trusted me enough. To allow me to do my community service. By taking Jennifer Stern to swimming in Columbia, Maryland. But I would also be joining Jennifer in the pool. As Jennifer’s “therapist”

As I got older, my responsibilities in my personal life became more demanding. But, my responsibilities regarding Jennifer became more necessary. One early October morning I was getting ready for my day. When I got a call from Melvin Stern. Could Howard County Police drop Jennifer off at my house. Mel said he would be by later. I said, sure and we would talk later. That evening Mel came by to pick up Jennifer. That was my last straw!!!! I took over Jennifer’s day to day supportcare after that. I came to find out. Howard County Police had found Jennifer screaming in a parked car. Jennifer had spent the night in the car.

Since Jennifer was now spending most of her time with me. And I was overseeing all day to day supportcare. Jennifer’s overall mental health greatly improved. Even some of the mood stabilizing medication Jennifer had to take could be reduced. Which was VERY exciting!!!!

Mel Stern and I had our challenges and disagreements. But, what was most important to me was that Jennifer be getting the best medical care possible. And be given the most opportunities possible.

I was trying my hardest to accomplish this. And be a good wife and mother to 4 children. Run an in-home daycare, do some pet sitting, take care of my horse boarders. And be available to do Mel Stern’s barn chores when he needed me to.

I know I had better days then others. But my focus never changed from doing what was best for my family, my kids, and Jennifer.

Then one day, at the Howard County Fair. This woman, old enough to be my sister. Walks into Mel Stern’s life and has never left.

Another Anniversary

On January 1st, 2021. While everyone is putting 2020 in the rear view!!! And welcoming a new year. I, will also, rather greatfully!!!! be putting 2020 in the rear view. But also RELUCTANTLY counting another year spent without my Mom. My kids, now young adults, having to grow up not knowing her at all. She would have loved being a grandma. And now she would be a great-grandma (2x’s over just from my family). She would be over the moon!!!!! That’s the whole reason for having kids. So you can spoil their kids!!!! And then send them home when they need parenting.

Social Security!!!!

This is just a brief warning about the following post. Many, might find it confusing, or not easy to follow. Please read slowly and view all documents. If you have any questions. Please do not hesitate to ask.

Jennifer Stern’s accident happened in February 1984. Mine happened in November 2010. No government agency would have made this mistake. This was no mistake.

I thought I already new a lot about Social Security Disability. But when I had my accident in 2010, I learned even more. Things got really confusing though after my husband, Mark. Was appointed to be my representative payee by the Social Security Administration. And then he was appointed to be Jennifer Stern’s representative payee by the Social Security Administration.

I immediately called the Social Security Administration. I was told that no mistake had been made. A person can change their representative payee at any time by writing to the Social Security Administration directly. I explained to them that this was impossible to have taken place. We returned the check they had sent. Only to have it sent back to us. At which time, my husband and I, personally went to the Social Security Administration office. We explained everything and returned the check. Only to have it appear back in our mailbox.

This went on for 9-10 months. In those months I learned this:

A beneficiary of disability benefits  can write to the Social Security Administration to have their representative payee changed.

I also learned what each letter and number that appeared after each claim number on the Social Security Administration letters that came, mean. This was very important. When I filed I was given a claimant # ending in HA-meaning disabled claimant. Each one of my children were given my claim number, followed by the letter “C” (child) 1-4.

I was very surprised when I saw the claimant number associated with Jennifer Stern. It was associated with Gail N. Stern, our deceased mother, followed by letter “C” (child)1.

I explained to the Social Security Administration that Jennifer Stern and I had different last names. I showed them my Social Security Card that they had issued me in 2006. My marriage certificate and license. And my MVA ID card. I also explained that Jennifer Stern had never lived in Frederick, Maryland.

Finally, I explained that Jennifer Stern’s Social Security Disability claim was filed under a C1 status. Jennifer, would not know the correct claim number.  Nore, would she have chosen my husband, Mark, to be her representative payee. I followed this up with documents that had been filed with Howard County Courts, and Emerge in Columbia, Maryland. An agency that provides adults with disabilities, support services to live independently.

We finally got a letter, from Social Security Administration, stating that it would be in Jennifer Stern’s best interests for someone else to be her representative payee. That was it.

Still needing to know how this all happened all these years later. And unable to get any answers. I am really hoping that someone here can help explain this.

If its legal, I’ll go away. Never to be heard from again. As long as Jennifer is safe. Thats all that matters to me. If any of this is not legal. Please help me. The only one who is getting hurt here is Jennifer Stern. And she can’t speak up for herself. But supports and money’s that are supposed to be there for Jennifer’s lifetime might not be if something isn’t done now.

Emerge Inc. has a Individual Service Plan meeting for/about Jennifer every 6-10 months. Everyone who provides care for Jennifer is invited to the meeting. Notes are taken and mailed to everyone who attended/invited to meeting. Individual’s emergency people to call, and important people in individual’s lives at any given point are discussed at meeting. Any area of an individual’s life they do not feel they are getting the needed support. Will be evaluated by the team.

Melvin S. Stern is the Primary Care Physician listed on Jennifer Stern’s support agency forms. Even though the state of Maryland has only ever given Dr. Melvin S. Stern the license to practice pediatric medicine. Jennifer Kay Stern is not only Dr. Melvin S. Stern’s biological daughter. But she is, to date, 45 years of age.

Support Agency Form

In the 9-10 months it took to get things straight again. There were financial resources my family could not tap into. Because the state and federal government added Jennifer’s Social Security  checks into our income.

Because my husband was Jennifer’s payee. For 9-10 months, all of her disability checks were being sent to our address. We would send them back. But not once did we hear from Mel. And, everytime we sent a check back, made a phone call, made any contact with the Social Security Administration, they sent a letter to the beneficiary, Jennifer Stern. Which meant Mel knew what was going on.

For 9-10 months my family not only suffered by not being able to reach all the financial help that should have been available to us. But, Jennifer Stern suffered as well. She was not receiving her Social Security Disability checks. And her guardian and father wasn’t notifying the Social Security Administration, with concern, as to why.

I know this is starting to get somewhat confusing. I just need someone to please. Look at the documents. There has to be a connection between a guardianship ruling. Which ultimately gave Melvin S. Stern no oversight watch when it came to the care of Jennifer K. Stern. And the incidences that followed.

Melvin S. Stern is Jennifer Kay Stern’s sole living parent to date. 

On June 19, 2001  Honorable Judge Dennis M. Sweeney, granted Melvin S. Stern sole guardian of Person and Property of Jennifer Kay Stern.

Melvin S. Stern is the representative payee appointed by the Social Security Administration for Jennifer Kay Stern.

Melvin S. Stern is the emergency contact person listed on Jennifer Kay Stern’s support agency forms.

Support Agency Form

My question is, is it actually legal for one person to dominate, and control another human beings life like this. Dr. Melvin S. Stern has been able to get the U.S. federal government to appoint him representative payee of Jennifer Stern. Get the County Court to appoint him guardianship of Jennifer Stern’s person and property. Which means Dr. Melvin S. Stern oversees any all monies and trusts that might be set-up in Jennifer Stern’s name.

But, the separate task of “daily support staff”. Is where Dr. Melvin S. Stern has been able to control everything.  As Jennifer Stern’s legal guardian he has the right to having an oversight role.

The part I have always questioned. Is does he have the right to play such a big part in Jennifer Stern’s Medical Life. I have always felt he needed to step back, be a parent/guardian and let someone else take on Jennifer Stern’s Medical Life. And he would be oversight, just like he should for everything else.


That is all I ever wanted from Mel Stern!!!! And that is what I and many others gave him plenty of. After my mom’s death and little sister’s accident in 1984. The Highland, Clarksville, Maryland communities rallied around our family. But especially around Mel. They supported Mel in any and every way possible. Which, in the beginning, would be expected. But, instead of trying to support me too. I often felt like Mel expected me to support him. Like the community was. Mel even once said to me, “You lost your mother. But I lost my wife.” And Mel never said anything about the fact that I had, basically, lost my best friend a month later. When my little sister was in her life threatening accident. Things didn’t look good. I couldn’t lose my little sister, month’s after losing my mom. I begged, pleaded, and promised Mel. I would help take care of my sister. I couldn’t have imagined in my early adolescents just how much Mel would expect out of me.

But, as a child/young adolescent I was committed to Mel’s grief. In the early years the outside community gave the little support  I needed to continue on with Mel’s support.

I was trying very hard to be very supportive of Mel. Still wanting some, any return support from Mel. Mel never gave me any.

In my early twenties. I got the nerve up to tell Mel where some of my teenage “support” had come from. That through ages 14-19 someone that Mel hired had also been molesting me. I gave Mel multiple details of ways I tried to avoid the situation all together over the years. To ways it always seemed to fail in the end. Mel told me I was lieing.

Since Mel Stern is not just my father. But also a medical doctor. He is mandated by federal law to report any and all abuse on a minor. He did not report this though. And by the time I again repeated the same details to a therapist. And it was reported and investigated. Because it wasn’t “rape”. The statute of limitations had runout. If Mel had reported it, time wouldn’t have runout.

So I have supported Mel’s grief while putting my grief on the back burner. I literally never got the chance to grieve my own Mom’s death.

Mel never knew that what really got me through all my adolescent years. Was this twisted thinking that Mel really had my Mom hid somewhere getting better. And that one day she was going to just walk through the door. And everything would go back to normal.

That is how I dealt with getting molested. I never said anything to Mel because between loosing my Mom and taking care of Jeni. I felt Mel had enough to do. I would take care of this. Never in a million years did I ever think Mel would call me lier.

It wasn’t until I was 19 years old, in college. That I realized/acknowledged my Mom’s death. I remember that day as if it where yesterday. I called my grandma in tears. “She’s really gone. Isn’t she?” “Oh Cheralla” (I think that’s how its spelled. I don’t know. My grandma always called me Cheri in Yiddish) A few days later there was a goodie box in my mail.

I was taking on more responsibilities of the day to day care of Jeni.  Starting a family of my own. And becoming more aware of Mel’s actions.

Mail addressed to ; Melvin S. Stern C/F Cheri Ann Stern UGMA or Sondra Jo Stern UGMA?

This would take me years to understand. All the while I kept an eye on it. I would call the bank on the statement, occasionally for information and get stonewalled. That was until 2006.

UGMA/UTMA: Uniform Gifts to Minors Act/Uniform Transfer to Minors Act; A UGMA is simply an act that allows a donor/parent to give up all possession/control of assets, such as securities, stocks and bonds. And allow them to be held in a custodian’s name. For the benefit of a minor without needing an attorney or needing to setup a special trust. Allows minors to have property set aside for their benefit. And may achieve some income tax benefits for the parent. Once the child becomes recognized legal age in the state. All assets become the property of the child without restrictions.

In October 2006 I contacted Ryan Beck regarding these custodial accounts. In need of more information. After verification, Ryan Beck, confirmed that the custodial account under the name of Cheri Ann Stern was opened in 1999. The second custodial account under the name Sondra Jo Stern, was opened in 2000. Both accounts where under the same custodial guardian, Mel Stern and the same S.S. #.

I tried to notify lawyers and the state comptroller a number of times over this. No one would listen.

Whenever I had worked some place. Mel had just told me to claim “0” dependants. And that when I received my “W2” just let Mel’s tax accountant handle everything. In 1996 I ended up with a my tax return. Was I surprised at what I saw.

The taxpayer signature, under the paragraph that says: under penalties of perjury…. not my signature. MEL signed my name and dated it.

Mel signed the federal and state forms. Put dates on them, my S.S.# and Mel’s address. I know that for certain, at the time I was living in Glenwood, Maryland. With my husband, 2 kids, and I was pregnant.

Once again I spoke to attorneys, the IRS and the state comptroller. Even filing form 3949 A with the IRS Department of Treasury. Like I was instructed. I never heard anything back.

This, of course, not being the first document I uncovered. To show Mel’s dicepsion not only with his own daughters. But with several banking institutions and the state and federal government. This would not be the last document either.

Over many years I’ve made phone calls not only to attorneys. But to County, state, and federal officials. All of which have had one reason or another not to investigate. Well I’m telling you now. I will not stop posting documents for you to view. Until you start to investigate now. I hope I finally have someone’s attention. My mom and little sister deserve it!!!!!

Real Estate?

feedback from any experts; real estate agents, lawyers, etc. 👌 !!!!!!

Family History: Truth or Secrets?

Now I’m not going to even pretend to understand anything that I’ve been looking at. I’ve been trying to understand it for weeks. I’ve asked about parts of it. Since I was a teenager. Back then I was told I was to young and wouldn’t understand.

Well, at age 49. I’m a empty nester with my husband, Mark. Together we have raised 4 healthy children. Now young adults at 27,24,23 and 21. We are now (the dreaded) in-law’s and soon to be (the dreaded) in-law’s. [I’m not getting off subject. But, even those of us that LOVE our in-law’s. Sometimes its our own parents that drive us nuts.] But we are also MomMom and PopPop twice over. Just a quick hint to all those young “parents” out there who think they know everything and don’t have to listen to anything their parents might be trying to say. Unfortunately kids are…

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Real Estate?

Now I’m not going to even pretend to understand anything that I’ve been looking at. I’ve been trying to understand it for weeks. I’ve asked about parts of it. Since I was a teenager. Back then I was told I was to young and wouldn’t understand.

Well, at age 49. I’m a empty nester with my husband, Mark. Together we have raised 4 healthy children. Now young adults at 27,24,23 and 21. We are now (the dreaded) in-law’s and soon to be (the dreaded) in-law’s. [I’m not getting off subject. But, even those of us that LOVE our in-law’s. Sometimes its our own parents that drive us nuts.] But we are also MomMom and PopPop twice over. Just a quick hint to all those young “parents” out there who think they know everything and don’t have to listen to anything their parents might be trying to say. Unfortunately kids are not born with any instruction manuals or directions in hand from G-D. So your left to learn as you go like the rest of us. And the only thing MORE rewarding than being called Mom or Dad. Being called MomMom or PopPop. Back on track!!!!

Just wondering outloud if any of this life experience has given anyone the thought of maybe. Finally sitting down and explaining things to me that I seemed to be to young for before. But probably not. Because you see. Everyone else has moved on. Nobody wants to go back. And if I bring anything up I’m just told I’m stuck in the past. Maybe so. But thats because nobody would address them with me. I kept waiting for “my turn”. And when it seemed to finally come. I was told I had to move on. So, since I have largely felt ignored all my life. I’m reaching out to internet land for answers.

We are going to start with the purchase of the Mink Hollow Dr. property in 1977. Since I’m not a real estate agent or a lawyer. I’m just going to show you the documents. The mortgage between Mom, Mel and Vermont Federal Savings and Loan, the Deed, and the Special Power Attorney

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