An Early Timeline?

I’m starting first with an apology. Some of the information posted about my maternal grandparents was not accurate.

Charles and Helene Gurdin combined had 4 children, making total for Gurdin family 6. A son was brought into the marriage. And they had 2 boys and 1 girl. In 1966 Charles Gurdin past away.

On to the timeline now.

•my Mom 12yr. Mel 16yr. meet

•my Mom 13yr. Mel 18yr. pregnant first time

•8-6-62 Mom 14yr. Mel 19yr. Gives birth to son/adopted

•my Mom 15yr. Mel 20yr. pregnant second time

•12-22-64 Mom 16yr. Mel 21yr. gives birth to a daughter

•1966 Mom 18yr. Mel 23yr. Mom’s father died-Charles Gurdin (who she was very close with)

•After that big life events continue to happen. More babies are born, Mel becomes a Dr.

•1977 Mom and Mel bought the “little brown house on 6685 Mink Hollow Rd. in Highland”

•I am not a lawyer, nor am I a lender at a bank, or a real estate broker. So instead of trying to explain the documents. I’ll just show the documents.

Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation of Howard County

•Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation of Howard County: Real Property Data Search

•Original Deed of 6685 Mink Hollow Rd. Highland, Maryland 20777 property. signed: October 21,1977 Between Robert Higginbotham, Melvin S. Stern, and Gail N. Stern(my mom).

•Original Mortgage of Highland, MD Property. Signed by Mel and Gail Stern,who was acting under Limited Power of Attorney guidelines now (Mel was her Limited P.O.A) and Vermont Federal Savings and Loan Association on October 14,1977.

•Original Documentation of Special Power of Attorney. Signed on October 14,1977 by Gail N. Stern.

I’ll just ask one question? Do married couples tend to request “Special/Limited Power of Attorney” documents when buying property/real estate?

And to think. There is not only a lot more real estate to go. But taxes, stocks, bonds, trust records and more.

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