That is all I ever wanted from Mel Stern!!!! And that is what I and many others gave him plenty of. After my mom’s death and little sister’s accident in 1984. The Highland, Clarksville, Maryland communities rallied around our family. But especially around Mel. They supported Mel in any and every way possible. Which, in the beginning, would be expected. But, instead of trying to support me too. I often felt like Mel expected me to support him. Like the community was. Mel even once said to me, “You lost your mother. But I lost my wife.” And Mel never said anything about the fact that I had, basically, lost my best friend a month later. When my little sister was in her life threatening accident. Things didn’t look good. I couldn’t lose my little sister, month’s after losing my mom. I begged, pleaded, and promised Mel. I would help take care of my sister. I couldn’t have imagined in my early adolescents just how much Mel would expect out of me.

But, as a child/young adolescent I was committed to Mel’s grief. In the early years the outside community gave the little support  I needed to continue on with Mel’s support.

I was trying very hard to be very supportive of Mel. Still wanting some, any return support from Mel. Mel never gave me any.

In my early twenties. I got the nerve up to tell Mel where some of my teenage “support” had come from. That through ages 14-19 someone that Mel hired had also been molesting me. I gave Mel multiple details of ways I tried to avoid the situation all together over the years. To ways it always seemed to fail in the end. Mel told me I was lieing.

Since Mel Stern is not just my father. But also a medical doctor. He is mandated by federal law to report any and all abuse on a minor. He did not report this though. And by the time I again repeated the same details to a therapist. And it was reported and investigated. Because it wasn’t “rape”. The statute of limitations had runout. If Mel had reported it, time wouldn’t have runout.

So I have supported Mel’s grief while putting my grief on the back burner. I literally never got the chance to grieve my own Mom’s death.

Mel never knew that what really got me through all my adolescent years. Was this twisted thinking that Mel really had my Mom hid somewhere getting better. And that one day she was going to just walk through the door. And everything would go back to normal.

That is how I dealt with getting molested. I never said anything to Mel because between loosing my Mom and taking care of Jeni. I felt Mel had enough to do. I would take care of this. Never in a million years did I ever think Mel would call me lier.

It wasn’t until I was 19 years old, in college. That I realized/acknowledged my Mom’s death. I remember that day as if it where yesterday. I called my grandma in tears. “She’s really gone. Isn’t she?” “Oh Cheralla” (I think that’s how its spelled. I don’t know. My grandma always called me Cheri in Yiddish) A few days later there was a goodie box in my mail.

I was taking on more responsibilities of the day to day care of Jeni.  Starting a family of my own. And becoming more aware of Mel’s actions.

Mail addressed to ; Melvin S. Stern C/F Cheri Ann Stern UGMA or Sondra Jo Stern UGMA?

This would take me years to understand. All the while I kept an eye on it. I would call the bank on the statement, occasionally for information and get stonewalled. That was until 2006.

UGMA/UTMA: Uniform Gifts to Minors Act/Uniform Transfer to Minors Act; A UGMA is simply an act that allows a donor/parent to give up all possession/control of assets, such as securities, stocks and bonds. And allow them to be held in a custodian’s name. For the benefit of a minor without needing an attorney or needing to setup a special trust. Allows minors to have property set aside for their benefit. And may achieve some income tax benefits for the parent. Once the child becomes recognized legal age in the state. All assets become the property of the child without restrictions.

In October 2006 I contacted Ryan Beck regarding these custodial accounts. In need of more information. After verification, Ryan Beck, confirmed that the custodial account under the name of Cheri Ann Stern was opened in 1999. The second custodial account under the name Sondra Jo Stern, was opened in 2000. Both accounts where under the same custodial guardian, Mel Stern and the same S.S. #.

I tried to notify lawyers and the state comptroller a number of times over this. No one would listen.

Whenever I had worked some place. Mel had just told me to claim “0” dependants. And that when I received my “W2” just let Mel’s tax accountant handle everything. In 1996 I ended up with a my tax return. Was I surprised at what I saw.

The taxpayer signature, under the paragraph that says: under penalties of perjury…. not my signature. MEL signed my name and dated it.

Mel signed the federal and state forms. Put dates on them, my S.S.# and Mel’s address. I know that for certain, at the time I was living in Glenwood, Maryland. With my husband, 2 kids, and I was pregnant.

Once again I spoke to attorneys, the IRS and the state comptroller. Even filing form 3949 A with the IRS Department of Treasury. Like I was instructed. I never heard anything back.

This, of course, not being the first document I uncovered. To show Mel’s dicepsion not only with his own daughters. But with several banking institutions and the state and federal government. This would not be the last document either.

Over many years I’ve made phone calls not only to attorneys. But to County, state, and federal officials. All of which have had one reason or another not to investigate. Well I’m telling you now. I will not stop posting documents for you to view. Until you start to investigate now. I hope I finally have someone’s attention. My mom and little sister deserve it!!!!!

Published by sunshinesadvocate

Advocator against childhood traumas, CPTSD, domestic violence, & physical, mental, & sexual abuse. Site dedicated to my Mom: Gail Nadel; RIP & my little sister Jeni. Who I miss EVERYDAY and wish Mel, our father, would not insist on coming between us.

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