Yet, Another Anniversary.

There is a reason I post as many hard documents as possible. They are hard to be denied. Melvin Stern has called me a lier to my face. More times than I can count in my lifetime. That being said, I know what I am opening myself up to by posting this. But I must!!!! I’m sure most if not all Mel Stern will deny all together. Claim to not recall, or have an explanation for. In any event. Here I go….

Many years have past since Jennifer’s accident. The last 12 or so have been especially hard on me. Even after Mel Stern was instructed by a Howard County Judge to ensure Jennifer Stern’s family ties where not interrupted. Melvin Stern has not allowed me to see or speak to Jennifer for the last 12 or so years. Before that I was an integral part of Jennifer’s day to day life. As can be seen by looking at multiple documents. Jennifer and I have been close since the day she was born. Just one month before her accident. Our mother had died. I know some of this I am repeating. But it is just to show how much Jennifer and I depended on one another for support.

My grandparents had always said “always be there for family” So even though I had only been 12 years old at the time of my mothers death and Jennifer’s accident. I tried very hard not to make trouble for Melvin Stern. While he was grieving the death of his wife. And for 5 almost 6 months, watching Jennifer lie in a coma. Wondering if Jennifer was going to finally awaken from the coma or not.

When Melvin Stern finally came home. I went back home. And then awhile later Jennifer Stern came home. But, nothing was the same. There where physical therapists scheduled to work with Jennifer. Mel would rush in. Talk with the therapists and then rush back down the hall into the Doctors office. I had made it my mission to learn as much as I could to help Jennifer when they weren’t there. By the time I got to high school. Mel Stern trusted me enough. To allow me to do my community service. By taking Jennifer Stern to swimming in Columbia, Maryland. But I would also be joining Jennifer in the pool. As Jennifer’s “therapist”

As I got older, my responsibilities in my personal life became more demanding. But, my responsibilities regarding Jennifer became more necessary. One early October morning I was getting ready for my day. When I got a call from Melvin Stern. Could Howard County Police drop Jennifer off at my house. Mel said he would be by later. I said, sure and we would talk later. That evening Mel came by to pick up Jennifer. That was my last straw!!!! I took over Jennifer’s day to day supportcare after that. I came to find out. Howard County Police had found Jennifer screaming in a parked car. Jennifer had spent the night in the car.

Since Jennifer was now spending most of her time with me. And I was overseeing all day to day supportcare. Jennifer’s overall mental health greatly improved. Even some of the mood stabilizing medication Jennifer had to take could be reduced. Which was VERY exciting!!!!

Mel Stern and I had our challenges and disagreements. But, what was most important to me was that Jennifer be getting the best medical care possible. And be given the most opportunities possible.

I was trying my hardest to accomplish this. And be a good wife and mother to 4 children. Run an in-home daycare, do some pet sitting, take care of my horse boarders. And be available to do Mel Stern’s barn chores when he needed me to.

I know I had better days then others. But my focus never changed from doing what was best for my family, my kids, and Jennifer.

Then one day, at the Howard County Fair. This woman, old enough to be my sister. Walks into Mel Stern’s life and has never left.

Published by sunshinesadvocate

Advocator against childhood traumas, CPTSD, domestic violence, & physical, mental, & sexual abuse. Site dedicated to my Mom: Gail Nadel; RIP & my little sister Jeni. Who I miss EVERYDAY and wish Mel, our father, would not insist on coming between us.

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