Warning: this is another confusing one. Just go slow. Reread if you have to. Go back and look at other posts. I really try very hard not to repeat my self. Not so good at it many times. But I do try.

On November 23, 2010 I was struck by a drunk driver. Lucky that none of my kids where in the vehicle with me at the time. I suffered life threatening and altering injuries.

It was much earlier that year that Mel Stern. Used Jennifer Stern’s Special Needs Trust to make a real estate purchase. The transfer date reads January 19, 2010.

The courts had granted Mel guardianship of Jennifer Stern’s person and property as far back as 2001. If not further. With the trust that Mel would make the right decisions in regard to Jennifer.

In the late 2000’s, Mel made the choice to no longer allow me to have any contact with Jennifer. I, who have shared a room with her since she was born. Watched as many of her therapy sessions as I could. So I could continue the therapy in the therapists absence. And I did this in my teens.

Mel’s choice to replace me with.

Mel’s choice to replace me with

So Mel feels Jennifer is safer with an individual that has multiple peace orders taken out on them. Then me, that Mel has known my entire life. And Jennifer and I have always been safe together.

In 2018 my family got a 45 day vacate notice for our rental property.

45 day vacate notice

Now, in 2021, still in the midst of a pandemic. Without us having received any of our vaccine yet. While Mel, happily resides in the $1.5 million Glenelg Farm Mansion with his permanent house quest. My family, once again, received a 30 day vacate notice for our rental property.

30 day vacate notice

As to date we haven’t found anything. As covid did a number on our credit. Which wasn’t great to begin with. So its looking more and more likely that come March 31. Me and my family will be homeless. During a pandemic. While Mel sits in his $1.5 million Farm House that he stole from Jennifer.

Check the dates!!!! Check the date of Laura O’Keefe divorce from Eric O’Keefe. It will all fall into place!!!!

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Advocator against childhood traumas, CPTSD, domestic violence, & physical, mental, & sexual abuse. Site dedicated to my Mom: Gail Nadel; RIP & my little sister Jeni. Who I miss EVERYDAY and wish Mel, our father, would not insist on coming between us.

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