Warning: this is another confusing one. Just go slow. Reread if you have to. Go back and look at other posts. I really try very hard not to repeat my self. Not so good at it many times. But I do try. On November 23, 2010 I was struck by a drunk driver. Lucky thatContinue reading “Homeless”

The Misuse, Misdocumentation and Misrepresentation of a Special Needs Trust by the Trustee

I was told that the Special Needs Trust was originally setup with a balance. That with, just an interest rate equal to that of a standard savings account. The balance should have been a multimillion $ one by the late 80’s, early 90’s, easy. Especially since most if not all of Jennifer’s financial needs wereContinue reading “The Misuse, Misdocumentation and Misrepresentation of a Special Needs Trust by the Trustee”

Yet, Another Anniversary.

There is a reason I post as many hard documents as possible. They are hard to be denied. Melvin Stern has called me a lier to my face. More times than I can count in my lifetime. That being said, I know what I am opening myself up to by posting this. But I must!!!!Continue reading “Yet, Another Anniversary.”

Social Security!!!!

This is just a brief warning about the following post. Many, might find it confusing, or not easy to follow. Please read slowly and view all documents. If you have any questions. Please do not hesitate to ask. Jennifer Stern’s accident happened in February 1984. Mine happened in November 2010. No government agency would haveContinue reading “Social Security!!!!”


That is all I ever wanted from Mel Stern!!!! And that is what I and many others gave him plenty of. After my mom’s death and little sister’s accident in 1984. The Highland, Clarksville, Maryland communities rallied around our family. But especially around Mel. They supported Mel in any and every way possible. Which, inContinue reading “SUPPORT!!!!!”

Real Estate?

Now I’m not going to even pretend to understand anything that I’ve been looking at. I’ve been trying to understand it for weeks. I’ve asked about parts of it. Since I was a teenager. Back then I was told I was to young and wouldn’t understand. Well, at age 49. I’m a empty nester withContinue reading “Real Estate?”

Overcoming my fear!!!!

So the real reason I post something and won’t for a very long time. Its pure FEAR!!!! Fear that I’m going to be called a lier. Because I have. By Mel and other close family members. Even though I have documents to back up memories. Most often, if I’m not being called a lier. I’mContinue reading “Overcoming my fear!!!!”

Trying to START at all…

I’m not all sure what you all see on my website as far as. Pages, blogs and so on. It seems like everytime I get on here to write about something. I end up trying to figure how to edit something and what things mean. Before I know it. My entire day has gone byContinue reading “Trying to START at all…”

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